Royal 14K Yellow Gold Tanzanite & Opal Pendant - Ethereal Charm

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Ignite the imagination with the interplay of innovation and intricacy in this exquisite 14K Yellow Gold Tanzanite & Opal Pendant from Royal. Imagine a delicate dance of colors and shapes as the 0.64-carat Tanzanite takes center stage, its trillion shape capturing light and attention with every movement. Nestled beside it, a shimmering Diamond, like a star in the night sky, adds a touch of brilliance and elegance.

The opal, with its ethereal play of colors, enhances the pendant's charm, making it a mesmerizing piece that reflects your unique style and personality. Crafted in 14K Yellow Gold, this pendant exudes warmth and sophistication, perfect for any occasion or everyday wear. Let this pendant be a symbol of your individuality and grace, a treasure to cherish for years to come.


  • Weight 1: 0.02 Carat
  • Weight 2: 0.64 Carat Tanzanite
  • Design Type: Center Stone
  • Stone 2: Diamond
  • Stone 3: Opal
  • Color Stone Shape: Trillion
  • Diamond Shape: Round
  • Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
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Tanzanite , Opal


October - Opal , April - Diamond


Royal Jewelry

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