Lab Grown Diamonds




At Robinson’s Jewelers, we understand that buying an engagement ring or other special piece of jewelry can be a significant investment. That’s why we offer a beautiful and affordable alternative to natural diamonds – lab-grown diamonds. But before you make your decision, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of lab-grown diamonds versus natural diamonds.



One of the biggest advantages of lab-grown diamonds is their affordability. Lab-grown diamonds are typically 70-90% less expensive than natural diamonds of the same size and quality. This means you can choose a larger or higher-quality diamond for the same price as a smaller or lower-quality natural diamond. With a lab-grown diamond from Robinson’s Jewelers, you can have the beauty and elegance of a diamond without breaking the bank.



Lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically the same as natural diamonds. They are made using advanced technology that simulates the natural process of diamond formation, creating a diamond that is just as beautiful and durable as a natural diamond. Our GIA Graduate Gemologist, Andrew Robinson, personally selects each diamond for its beauty and quality, ensuring that you’ll receive a lab-grown diamond from Robinson’s Jewelers that is just as stunning as a natural diamond.



Another advantage of lab-grown diamonds is their ethical and sustainable production. Lab-grown diamonds are created using advanced technology that does not require environmentally harmful diamond mining practices. You can feel good knowing that your diamond was created in a controlled environment, without the risks associated with traditional diamond mining practices.



While lab-grown diamonds offer many advantages, it’s important to consider their drawbacks as well. Lab-grown diamonds are less rare than natural diamonds, which means they may not hold their value as well over time. Additionally, some people prefer the natural beauty and unique characteristics of natural diamonds, which cannot be replicated in a lab-grown diamond.

At Robinson’s Jewelers, we believe in helping you make an informed decision about your diamond purchase. That’s why we offer a variety of lab-grown and natural diamonds, so you can choose the option that is right for you. Our team of experts is always here to answer any questions you may have about lab-grown diamonds, natural diamonds, or the diamond buying process in general.

Whether you choose a lab-grown diamond or a natural diamond, we believe that your diamond should reflect your unique style and commitment to each other. Browse our selection of beautiful and affordable lab-grown diamonds today and discover the perfect diamond to represent your love story.