Rombelle - Quad Diamond Studs Solitaire Earrings - Lab Created Diamonds - F Color / VS Clarity, Available from .48 to 2.8 Carats Total Weight in 18K White, Yellow, Rose Gold or Platinum

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Adorn your ears with the contemporary elegance of our Quad Block Diamond Studs Solitaire Earrings. Each earring is a mosaic of precision, featuring four lab-created diamonds of impeccable F color and VS clarity. These diamonds are skillfully arranged in a square block shape, their collective sparkle creating a bold statement of luxury and style.

Crafted for versatility, these studs are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your everyday wear or for accentuating your radiance on the most special of occasions. The diamonds range from .48 carats to an impressive 2.80 carats in total weight, offering a splendid selection to match your unique taste and desires.

Security is as much a part of our design as is luxury. The screw backings ensure that your precious jewels remain safely in place, giving you the peace of mind to move through your day with confidence.

Available in five distinct sizes, our Quad Block Diamond Studs are customizable to your preferences. Select from the pure allure of 18K white gold, the warm radiance of yellow gold, the romantic glow of rose gold, or the timeless dignity of platinum. Each metal setting is chosen to enhance the brilliance of the diamonds and to celebrate the strength of the design.

These Quad Block Diamond Studs are not just earrings—they are a testament to modern jewelry design, blending geometric precision with the timeless allure of diamonds. Choose your perfect pair today and embody the spirit of contemporary sophistication.

NOTE: 0.96 ct. total carat weight version is shown in the images.

Why Lab-Grown Diamonds?

What's so special about lab-created diamonds? They possess the exact same chemical structure as natural diamonds, only they're created with advanced technology that simulates the natural process. So yes, they are real, and they're spectacular!

Lab-grown diamonds are an excellent choice for several reasons:

  • Price: Lab-grown diamonds can be 70-90% less expensive than natural diamonds of the same size and quality. This means that for a given budget, you can potentially afford substantially larger and/or higher quality diamonds if lab-grown​.

  • Quality: Lab-grown diamonds ARE REAL diamonds. They possess the same chemical and optical properties as natural diamonds. Even expert gemologists can't distinguish lab-grown diamonds from mined ones using the naked eye​​. These diamonds are of F Color, meaning they fall into the 'Colorless' category on the GIA diamond color scale. They also have a clarity grade of VS, or 'Very Slightly Included,' indicating that they have very minor inclusions that are difficult to see under 10x magnification... a clarity often referred to as "eye clean" (diamonds that do not have inclusions or blemishes that can be seen with the naked eye).

  • Strength: Because their physical and chemical makeup is nearly identical, lab-grown diamonds are as strong as natural diamonds.

  • Ethical and Sustainable: Lab-grown diamonds are created in high-temperature, high-pressure chambers that reproduce the conditions in the earth’s crust, without the need for potentially damaging mining activities. This makes them an ethically and environmentally friendly choice.

In summary, lab-grown diamonds offer excellent value for money, a wide variety of options, and an environmentally friendly alternative to mined diamonds. They are just as beautiful, durable, and valuable as their natural counterparts, making them a compelling choice for many buyers.

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