Roberto Coin - Venetian Princess Collection Grey Titanium and 18K Rose Gold Ring With Diamonds

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Indulge in the epitome of elegance and sophistication with the exquisite Venetian Princess Collection Grey Titanium and Gold Ring with Diamonds. Elevate your style to regal heights with this masterful creation from the renowned brand Roberto Coin. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this ring exudes an air of allure and distinction that perfectly resonates with your refined taste.

Set in the warm embrace of 18K rose gold, this exceptional piece features the captivating allure of grey titanium, a unique choice that sets you apart from the ordinary. The marriage of these luxurious materials culminates in a harmonious design that speaks volumes about your individuality. Four resplendent diamonds are expertly nestled within the titanium, their brilliance reflecting the radiance of your personality.

The mesmerizing play of colors, from the rose gold's warm tones to the enigmatic grey of the titanium, offers a versatile charm that effortlessly complements any ensemble. Embrace the enchanting blend of strength and femininity as you slip this ring onto your finger, making a statement that's as distinctive as your love story.

As a woman who appreciates the finer things in life, you understand that each piece of jewelry tells a tale of your journey. The Venetian Princess Collection Grey Titanium and Gold Ring with Diamonds becomes an emblem of your empowered spirit, celebrating your accomplishments and dreams.


  • Color: Grey Titanium
  • Metal Type: 18K Rose Gold
  • Gender: Womens
  • Total Diamond Carat Weight: 0.04 Carats
  • Roberto Coin Collection: Venetian Princess Titanium Collection
  • Style: 7773604AX65X
Venetian Princess Collection:
The timeless combination of black and white diamonds elevate this collection by Roberto Coin to something irresistibly elegant, with an intriguing edge.

About Roberto Coin: A Legacy of Elegance
Hailing from the romantic canals of Venice, Roberto Coin isn't just an Italian jewelry designer; he's an icon in the world of luxury. Celebrated on the red carpet and beyond, his creations shimmer with gold, diamonds, and a myriad of precious stones. Every piece tells a story, handcrafted by master Italian artisans, reflecting the rich heritage of Venice, a city famed for its gold craftsmanship. Roberto Coin's commitment to ethical sourcing is evident, using only conflict-free materials to shape his timeless and elegant designs. Drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and the wonders of nature, his collection ranges from diamond-encrusted pendant necklaces to quintessential gold hoop earrings. And, as a signature touch, a petite ruby is discreetly placed on the underside of each piece. It's more than just a brand emblem; it's a wish for prosperity and joy to all who adorn his creations.

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Titanium , Rose Gold




April - Diamond


Roberto Coin

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