Olas d'Oro Earrings - 14K Yellow Gold Black Enamel Oval Twist Hoops

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Olas d'Oro

Dive deep into the charm of Black Enamel Oval Twist Hoops and elevate your style with these exquisite pieces of fine jewelry. Awaken your senses with the allure of their sleek design, a fusion of art and elegance that celebrates the art of fine craftsmanship.

Crafted with 14 Karat gold in a radiant yellow hue, these hoops are more than just accessories; they are a canvas of creativity and class. The 16.3x3mm Black Enamel Oval Twist hoops exude sophistication and timeless appeal.

Experience the allure of their unique twist design that adds a touch of modernity to the classic hoop shape. As you adorn yourself with the grace of these hoops, witness the craftsmanship that goes into every detail. The secure hinge closure ensures they stay comfortably in place.

With an average weight of 1.80 grams, these hoops are lightweight and easy to wear, allowing you to revel in the sophistication they bring to your ensemble. They are perfect for both women who love to indulge in self-expression and for those looking to gift their loved ones a symbol of elegance.

Transform your look with Black Enamel Oval Twist Hoops and embrace the elegance of fine jewelry that speaks to your desires and style. Unveil the beauty of these timeless pieces and relish in the sophistication they offer, turning heads with their brilliance.

Elevate every moment with the allure of Black Enamel Oval Twist Hoops, curated for the discerning individual who appreciates the finer things in life. Discover the magic of these hoops and let your spirit soar with the unmatched luxury they bring to your collection."


  • Metal Type: 14 Karat Gold
  • Closure: Hinge
  • Average Weight (g): 1.80
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Metal Type:

Yellow Gold


Olas d'Oro

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