Olas d'Oro 7.25" Bracelet - 14K Yellow Gold Textured Triple and Plain Link Bracelet

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Olas d'Oro

Cherish the blend of style and substance with the rhythmic dance of pure elegance. Meet the Textured Triple and Plain Link Bracelet, a masterpiece from Olas d'Oro that encapsulates the essence of timeless style. Crafted with the utmost precision and finesse, this 14 Karat gold bracelet is a testament to the artistry of fine jewelry.

Each link tells a story of craftsmanship, with textured and plain links interweaving in perfect harmony. It's a celebration of contrasts - the smooth and the textured, the bold and the understated. As you fasten the lobster closure, you'll feel a sense of connection to a rich tradition of jewelry-making, where every detail matters.

This bracelet is more than just an accessory; it's a statement of your refined taste and unwavering elegance. With an average weight of 4.60 grams, it's comfortable to wear all day, ensuring you shine from morning to night.

Embrace the allure of this exquisite piece from Olas d'Oro, and let it become a part of your daily life, elevating your style to new heights. Transform your look, turn heads, and relish in the sophistication that this bracelet brings. It's not just jewelry; it's a symbol of your unique and extraordinary journey through life.


  • Metal Type: 14 Karat Gold
  • Length: 7.25"
  • Closure: Lobster
  • Average Weight (g): 4.60
Jewelry Type(s):


Metal Type:

Yellow Gold


Olas d'Oro

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