Olas d'Oro 18" Necklace - 14K Yellow Gold Flat Disc Cluster Adjustable Necklace

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Olas d'Oro

Step into a world of luxury with the enchanting allure of our Flat Disc Cluster Adjustable Necklace from Olas d'Oro. This exquisite piece is a fusion of art and elegance, designed to captivate and adorn. Crafted for the discerning individual, it's a testament to timeless design and unparalleled sophistication.

Each flat disc on this necklace tells a story of craftsmanship meets innovation. The 14 Karat gold discs, with their radiant yellow hue, create a symphony of style that awaits to elevate your every moment. The delicate design is a celebration of the art of fine craftsmanship, where tradition meets modernity in perfect harmony.

Measuring 0.80 millimeters in diameter and with a gauge of 025, this necklace embodies the essence of elegance in its minimalist yet striking appearance. The 5.0mm Spring Ring closure ensures secure wear, allowing you to revel in the sophistication of this jewelry piece without worry.

With an average weight of 1.85 grams, it's a lightweight accessory that carries the weight of craftsmanship and luxury. Lose yourself in the splendor of its design, cherish the timeless appeal of its style, and embrace the elegance that it exudes.

Transform your look with the Flat Disc Cluster Adjustable Necklace, a true masterpiece that evokes emotions with every glance. Let your spirit soar with the brilliance of Olas d'Oro's creation, and immerse yourself in the charm of fine jewelry at its finest.


  • Metal Type: 14 Karat Gold
  • Length: 18.0"
  • Millimeter: 0.80
  • Gauge: 025
  • Closure: 5.0mm Spring Ring
  • Average Weight (g): 1.85
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Metal Type:

Yellow Gold


Olas d'Oro

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