Enchanting Royal 14K White Gold Baguette Diamond Semi-Mount Earrings

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Once upon a shimmering night, under the canopy of stars, a treasure was born – behold the Royal 14K White Gold Semi Mount. Embracing elegance and grace, this masterpiece invites you to dance with its enchanting allure. Kiss the kaleidoscope of colors with this captivating semi-mount, crafted in lustrous 14K white gold. Its delicate frame, adorned with twinkling baguette diamonds, whispers tales of timeless love and endless beauty.

As you gaze upon this ethereal creation, you'll feel the gentle embrace of its 0.20-carat weight, a whisper of luxury that speaks volumes. The absence of a center stone beckons your creativity, allowing you to infuse this semi-mount with your unique story. Whether it's a symbol of a new beginning or a celebration of enduring love, this piece is your canvas.

Let the baguette diamond shape enchant your senses, each facet telling a tale of meticulous craftsmanship and exquisite detail. The 14K white gold metal, like a moonbeam frozen in time, adds a celestial touch to this celestial treasure. With every glance, you'll discover new facets of its beauty, a symphony of light and shadow that captivates the heart.


  • Weight 1: 0.20 Carat
  • Engagement Center: No Center
  • Diamond Shape: Baguette
  • Metal: 14K White Gold
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April - Diamond


Royal Jewelry

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