David Webb - Platinum & 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Door Knockers Earrings

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David Webb (Estate / Vintage)

Capture the timeless elegance and exude confidence with the David Webb Platinum & 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Door Knockers Earrings. Crafted with utmost precision and designed by the renowned American estate jeweler, David Webb, these medium-sized yellow gold door knockers are a stunning blend of sophistication and allure.

Imagine adorning your ears with these exquisite earrings, each one reflecting your impeccable taste. The glistening yellow gold adds a touch of warmth, while the diamonds sprinkled along the surface provide a subtle sparkle that catches the light with every movement. It's the perfect combination for those who appreciate the beauty of gold with a hint of radiance.

These David Webb door knockers have withstood the test of time, maintaining their chic appeal even after 50 years. As you slip them on, you'll feel the essence of timeless glamour envelop you, transporting you to an era where elegance was paramount. Whether you're pulling your hair back for a sophisticated evening in New York or letting your locks cascade over your shoulders for a lively happy hour in Miami, these earrings effortlessly elevate any ensemble.

Not only are these earrings a symbol of timeless style, but they are also recognized as a staple among the discerning residents of the Upper East Side and the luxurious suburbs of Port Royal. Their allure and sophistication have made them a sought-after accessory, epitomizing grace and refinement.

With a total carat weight of 2.50cts, these earrings boast a captivating brilliance. The diamonds possess a high-quality F-G color and a VS clarity, ensuring that every facet radiates with exceptional luminosity. Measuring at 1.2 inches in length, these earrings delicately frame your face, accentuating your natural beauty with their refined presence.

Meticulously crafted from platinum and 18K yellow gold, these earrings showcase the artisanal excellence that David Webb is renowned for. The combination of these precious metals adds a luxurious touch, while the intricate design showcases the brand's dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail. With a metal weight of 40.8 grams, these earrings exude a substantial yet comfortable feel when worn.

These David Webb Platinum & 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Door Knockers Earrings bear the signature of Webb himself, serving as a testament to their authenticity and exceptional craftsmanship. In excellent condition, they are ready to enhance your collection and accompany you on your most memorable occasions.

Experience the allure of timeless elegance and elevate your style with the David Webb Platinum & 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Door Knockers Earrings. Embrace the confidence that comes from wearing a piece of jewelry that exudes sophistication and grace, making a statement with every step you take.


  • Exquisite Estate Jewelry: Handpicked from history, this pre-owned piece is a treasure of extraordinary rarity and charm. This unique, one-of-a-kind find encapsulates the luxury and timeless elegance that only high-end estate jewelry can provide. Remember, we only have one - don't miss the chance to make it yours. "Nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy."
  • Styled as medium size yellow gold door knockers these ear clips are perfe carat for someone who enjoys gold with a little bit of sparkle.
  • Designed by David Webb, American estate jeweler, these style of earrings is as chic today as they were 50 years ago.
  • Pull your hair back, David Webb door knockers, wear a black dress, a blouse or sweater and be ready for a night out in New York.
  • Let your hair loose, put on a bright silk dress and a chain crossbody tote and you are good to go for a happy hour in Miami.
  • These earrings are a recognizable staple in UES as well as in lux suburbs of Port Royal.
  • Total Carat Weight: 2.50 carats
  • Quality: F-G color, VS clarity.
  • 1.2 inches long.
  • Center Diamond Weight: 2.50
  • Measurements: 1.2 inches.
  • Metal Type: Platinum & 18K Yellow Gold
  • Metal Weight: 40.8 grams
  • Signed: WEBB
  • Condition: Excellent.
  • Stock: RR6745
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Metal Type:

Platinum , Yellow Gold




April - Diamond

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Edwardian , Romantic , Victorian


David Webb (Estate / Vintage)

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