David Webb - 18K Yellow Gold White Enamel Door Knockers Earrings

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David Webb (Estate / Vintage)

Step into a world of timeless elegance and modern sophistication with these David Webb 18K Yellow Gold White Enamel Door Knockers Earrings. Gone are the days when white enamel earrings were reserved solely for the summer months. These door knockers defy the norms, allowing you to adorn yourself with their beauty and grace all year round.

Picture yourself wearing these stunning earrings, pairing them effortlessly with an oversized white cardigan or a crisp white t-shirt. They exude versatility and elevate any ensemble, adding a touch of happiness and chicness to your every day. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these door knocker clips by David Webb showcase the brand's commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable design.

Made with 18K yellow gold, these earrings possess a radiant warmth that enhances their overall allure. The contrasting white enamel adds a touch of sophistication and a modern twist to the classic door knocker style. With a length of 36mm and a width of 26.5mm, they command attention without overwhelming your natural beauty.

Pair these earrings with the matching ring for a cohesive and captivating look that will leave everyone in awe. The center diamond weight is 0.00, allowing the enchanting design and craftsmanship to take center stage. In excellent condition and weighing 40.8 grams, these earrings are a true testament to the quality and enduring beauty that David Webb is renowned for.

Indulge in the timeless allure of these David Webb 18K Yellow Gold White Enamel Door Knockers Earrings. Let them be a reflection of your vibrant personality and exquisite taste. Elevate your style and make a statement that speaks volumes about who you are.


  • Exquisite Estate Jewelry: Handpicked from history, this pre-owned piece is a treasure of extraordinary rarity and charm. This unique, one-of-a-kind find encapsulates the luxury and timeless elegance that only high-end estate jewelry can provide. Remember, we only have one - don't miss the chance to make it yours. "Nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy."
  • Gone are the days when white enamel earrings were considered summer jewelry.
  • If you are like us you would want to wear these door knockers all year around.
  • Imagine yourself wearing these with an oversized white cardigan as well as the oversized white t-shirt.
  • These earrings are versatile and most importantly make you feel happy and chic all year round.
  • Lovely white enamel door knocker clips by David Webb.
  • L: 36mm W: 26.5mm
  • Matching ring available.
  • Measurements: L: 36mm W: 26.5mm
  • Metal Type: 18K Yellow Gold
  • Metal Weight: 40.8 grams
  • Signed: WEBB
  • Condition: Excellent.
  • Stock: RR6716
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Yellow Gold




April - Diamond




David Webb (Estate / Vintage)

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