Cartier - 1950's Vintage Coin Brooch

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Cartier (Estate / Vintage)

This Cartier 1950's Vintage Coin Brooch is a true testament to the allure of history and the timeless elegance of Cartier. Unlike traditional jewelry, this brooch holds a unique story within its ancient coin centerpiece. Crafted by Cartier in the 1950s, this remarkable piece showcases the brand's exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

With its rusty and weathered appearance, this brooch exudes an air of mystery and intrigue. It's a conversation starter, drawing eyes and sparking curiosity wherever you go. Whether you're a dedicated Cartier enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of vintage jewelry, this brooch is an absolute must-have.

Measuring approximately 2.75 inches in width and weighing 49.1 grams, this brooch commands attention with its substantial presence. The Cartier signature proudly graces this piece, serving as a symbol of its authenticity and high quality.

In excellent condition, this vintage brooch is a rare find that will surely elevate any ensemble. Add a touch of history and sophistication to your jewelry collection with this remarkable Cartier 1950's Vintage Coin Brooch.


  • Exquisite Estate Jewelry: Handpicked from history, this pre-owned piece is a treasure of extraordinary rarity and charm. This unique, one-of-a-kind find encapsulates the luxury and timeless elegance that only high-end estate jewelry can provide. Remember, we only have one - don't miss the chance to make it yours. "Nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy."
  • Their weight is not measured in carats and they do not shine - indeed, sometimes they are outright rusty.
  • Yet ancient coins can add as much intrigue to jewelry as sparkling gems.
  • Presented here is a fabulous brooch centered with round coin crafted by Cartier.
  • Very rare from the 1950's this pin is certainly to catch lots of attention and start a conversation.
  • If your favorite brand is Cartier you must enjoy Cartier of all eras and this is a piece worthy of owning.
  • Measurements: Width: 2.75 inches approximately
  • Metal Weight: 49.1 grams
  • Signed: Cartier.
  • Condition: Excellent.
  • Stock: RR5951
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Yellow Gold

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Contemporary , Retro , Victorian


Cartier (Estate / Vintage)

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