Lab-graded diamonds from recognized, reputable labs such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), undergo a complete evaluation of quality. The GIA provides a grading of the gemstone based on four components: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. When the grading and evaluation are complete, a report is written and published with a unique identifying number for the diamond. 

Do I own a certified diamond? 

You may be wondering if the diamond you own is certified. There are two ways to determine if a diamond has undergone grading by an association such as the GIA. If you possess paperwork or a report number for the diamond, you can request more information about your gemstone by reaching out to the GIA online or by phone.  If you do not have paperwork, but still wish to know what your diamond is worth, an expert can evaluate the diamond by using similar standards to the GIA and provide an estimation of value. The team at Robinson’s Jewelers (formerly known as Fort Lauderdale Estate Buyers) has extensive training in determining diamond quality and is capable of providing an expert appraisal.  

 If my diamond is certified, does that mean it is worth more? 

Diamond value can vary widely and depends on the individual characteristics and quality of each gemstone. GIA certification determines quality based on the unique features of each stone. The primary benefit of a lab report is that it provides a standard and trusted assessment of quality. Market values for diamonds fluctuate over time, and most buyers will purchase a diamond without a certification. However, a certified diamond is desirable for many consumers who are interested in acquiring a gem that rates high in cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. 

The trusted team at Robinson’s Jewelers (formerly known as Fort Lauderdale Estate Buyers) understands you are evaluating all of your options when it comes to selling your GIA Certified diamond. Our experienced team can transparently help determine the value and provide an offer on the sport with guaranteed immediate payment. We have a positive, long-standing reputation with the South Florida community and pride ourselves on our numerous positive customer reviews. We understand the decision to sell is personal, and we offer full confidentiality and discretion for all customers. One of our specialists is happy to schedule a meeting with you in person. If you are looking to reduce contact, we also provide a convenient and secure mail-in system. We will pay the highest price for GIA Certified diamonds in the South Florida area based on our expert appraisal process and network of qualified buyers.