From large diamonds and engagement rings to custom-made pieces, we have a beautiful assortment of jewelry for sale.

Are you looking for a beautiful eternity band or stunning engagement ring? Need a luxury watch or designer tennis bracelet?


Robinson’s Jewelers (formerly known as Fort Lauderdale Estate Buyers) offers unique, high-quality jewelry for those with a taste for the exceptional. GIA certified diamonds at wholesale prices, and are happy to work with you to create a custom, one-of-a-kind piece for yourself or a loved one.

"Ruby Diamond Drop Earrings"
"2.4-Carat-Princess-Cut-Halo-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-2 178X 175"

Andrew & Tracey were an absolute pleasure to deal with. To say they gave me an amazing deal would be an absolute understatement. I am the type of consumer that exhausts all resources before making a final decision, especially when spending the kind of money that diamonds & gold brings. From popular well known established jewelers, to mom & pop shops, to family friends who typically charge me cost (literally)…I searched high & low, and I can honestly say no one came close to the quality I received for the price I paid. The piece I purchased is considered custom because I found a ring style at another place and had them replicate it. I can honestly say the ring came out even better than the place I originally found it at. I wanted a center stone over 2 carats and within a certain clarity/color/cut spectrum. For what I wanted to spend many said it was impossible. I was even pointed in the direction of “man made” or “clarity enhanced” stones which I am not a fan of and refused to propose with. They found me a natural stone that shines brighter than I even had in mind. I am truly grateful and will forever keep them in mind for any future dealings. Whether you’re selling jewelry or buying it, these guys are worth every bit of your time. Thanks again guys! See you soon I’m sure;)

"Robinson's Jewelers 5 Star Reviews"

PHIL I. – Pompano Beach