If you’re looking to custom design an engagement ring or other special piece, our custom design studio and GIA Graduate Gemologist, Andrew Robinson, will guide you through selecting everything you need. Crafting the completed piece, which includes CAD drawings and 3D models can be completed in as little as 3-4 weeks and you will receive a complimentary appraisal.

Custom design is also a wonderful way to bring new life to heirloom and inherited gold, diamonds and gemstones. If you have jewelry pieces you no longer wear, but hold on to for the sentimental value, consider resetting the stones or recasting the gold into a new cherished piece.

“My new necklace was designed by me and the ladies at Robinson’s Jewelers. It is unique and beautiful, the owners are wonderful, I highly recommend Robinsons.” Laurie B. – Fort Lauderdale

"Custom design 3 row diamond ring"
"Custom design 3 row diamond ring"
"Robinsons Jewelers Custom Design Before and After necklace2"
"custom diamond and white gold ring Robinsons Jewelers"

“The team at Robinson’s Jewelers truly made a very specific gift for a very special little girl come true. When I explained my vision for a piece of jewelry that I wanted to create for an 8 year old girl, the Robinsons team sat down with me and took their time making my vision become a reality. This piece of jewelry represents the start of our new family as I proposed not only to my now fiancé, but first, a very special proposal to her daughter!
Thank you for all your love, patience, and quick turnaround!”
Wendy S. – Fort Lauderdale, FL