Charles Krypell

Charles Krypell is a New York-based fine jewelry designer. His collections range from pieces designed around incredible large pink and yellow diamonds, fashion-forward gold and diamonds to sterling silver pieces with an incredibly elevated style. An aesthetic of sophisticated luxury runs throughout every collection.

With an inimitable style created through a combination of unprecedented design, which transcends time, Charles Krypell continues to innovate in the industry with the guiding philosophy that a multifaceted, always evolving woman should be adorned with jewelry to match.

"2019 CK Gold FInal 8"
"2019 CK GoldFInal_4"
"2019 CK Gold FInal 6"
"2019 CK Gold FInal 10"
"2019 CK Gold FInal 12"
"2019 CK Gold FInal 14"
"2019 CK Gold FInal 18"
"2019 CK Gold FInal 21"
'2019 CK Gold FInal 22"
"2019 CK Gold FInal 27"
"2019 CK Gold FInal 28"
"2019 CK Gold FInal 31"